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low maintenance garden blooms in different colours

As much as we’d like to, not everyone can spend hours in the garden. If your love for gardening has been thwarted by a lack of time, it can be disappointing when we start to see the effect this has to our garden.

Thankfully, a lack of time doesn’t always mean a loss in results! Create a low maintenance garden using a selection of plants and blooms that need very little attention but provide big results.

Pots and Containers

pots are perfect for a low maintenance garden

Pots and containers are a great gardening tool. They can fill a small garden with colour and texture without taking away necessary space, as well as helping you to maintain your garden as a whole.

Pots and containers are perfect for those with north facing garden, as they can be moved into a sunny position. Use pots for seasonal plants and blooms, so that when they’re done, they can be easily changed and disposed of.


Geranium perennials are perfect for an easy garden display

Using perennials in a low maintenance garden will help you achieve a gorgeous display with truly minimal effort.

Unfussy and hardy perennials are great for those who spend very little time in the garden as they are easy to grow, easy to maintain and will reappear year after year! Perfect for those who don’t want to put too much thought into each season.


shrubs in the garden can take up lots of space but still look great

If you’re attracted to a uniform design, then shrubs and even grasses are right up your street. They can be left to do their own thing, or they can be straightened up every couple of months to maintain their straight edges and curves.

Need inspiration? Here’s some garden theme examples that are easy to grow and maintain.

cottage gardens are easy to grow and beautiful throughout the season

Cottage Gardens

Also known as wild gardens due to their apparent lack of cohesive design, which is part of their charm! A popular choice for those who love lots of colour and varying heights around their beds.

minimalist gardens are perfect for low maintenance


From one extreme to the other! Minimalist gardens are a perfect low maintenance option that needs very little attention. The space concentrates more on functionality than design, but still looks modern and gorgeous in the spring and summer months.

Raised beds can help you achieve a low maintenance garden

Raised Beds

Raised beds are perfect for a low maintenance garden. Focusing your attention to one small space can reduce the amount of work and pulls your attention to it instantly, creating a wonderful display throughout the year.

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