Dahlias to Know & Grow

Posted by Amber Williams on 3rd Mar 2022

Dahlias to Know & Grow

Dahlias are one of the most impressive summer blooms. Their unique flower shapes and an array of colours make for a gorgeous display that will last you through to early autumn!

If you’re new to growing Dahlias tubers or are stuck for inspiration for this coming summer, here are just a few of our top-selling varieties to get your cogs whirring with ideas.

Top Dahlias Varieties:

  • Decorative Dahlias
  • Dwarf Dahlias
  • Cactus Dahlias
  • Pompom & Ball Dahlias

Which Dahlia is for me?

Decorative Dahlias

The clue’s all in the name! Decorative Dahlias are one of the most impressive varieties, producing flower heads that can grow to humongous sizes (even as big as your head!). Their varying colours and gorgeous shape makes them a gardener’s favourite, seen often in any cottage garden or border display.

Our most popular varieties include the likes of Dahlia Café au Lait and Dahlia Crème de Cassis, each producing large flowers in gorgeous shapes and shades that will complement your arrangements throughout the summer.

Dwarf Dahlias

Dwarf Dahlias are a more compact plant, allowing you to grow them on the patio in your favourite pot, or even at the front of the flower bed. They make a nice, rounded shape and don’t grow too tall, meaning that they don’t need staking as they grow.

Varieties like Dahlia Gallery Art Deco and Dahlia Art Fair are perfect examples of dwarf dahlia, great for growing on a sunny patio!

Cactus Dahlia

Cactus Dahlias are a unique variety, producing (in our opinion) some of the most intricate flower heads on any summer-flowering plant. Each bloom produces spiky, tuberous petals, each in an array of striking colours. A must-have for anyone looking to impress throughout the summer months.

Why not try some of our most popular varieties, like Dahlia Rebecca’s World and Dahlia Tahiti Sunrise. Perfect for either sitting in the flower bed or being used as cut flowers for indoor bouquets!

Pompom & Ball Dahlias

Again, pompom and ball dahlias are intricate and unique in their shape. We must sound like a broken record, but no Dahlia variety is the same in shape, and pompom varieties are no exception! Their rounded shape and honeycomb appearance makes perfect little houses for pollinators and look fantastic in the border.

Our favourite pompom picks range from either Dahlia Rocco to Dahlia Golden Sceptre and everything in between!

We have a full range of Dahlias, full of even more fun and exciting varieties. Shop our selection of Dahlia tubers in their entirety online today and create the summer garden you’ve always dreamt of.