Introducing our Garden Designer Collections

Posted by Amber Williams on 4th Feb 2022

Introducing our Garden Designer Collections

We’re pleased to introduce our new range of beautiful summer-flowering garden designer collections in collaboration with some of the most exciting garden designers in the UK: Katie Townsend, Matt Childs, Georgia Lindsay & Lee Burkhill.

These award-winning garden designers have created their own spin on a summer display, helping you make the most of your garden designs and enjoying the time you spend creating them.

Katie Townsend’s Pollinator Collection

Pollinator Collection

Based in Edinburgh, Katie set up her garden design business in 2020 after working in business design and the corporate world. With her sights set on sustainability, Katie loves to create an environmentally friendly display to help wildlife flourish in British gardens.

Katie’s pollinator collection supplies a choice of blooms that will give wildlife a well-deserved feast. These plants are all perfect for creating a cottage-inspired display, especially if it’s your goal to introduce some extra colour to your beds and containers.

Matthew Childs’ Happiness Collection

Happiness Collection

Award-winning garden designer, Matthew Childs, hand-picked several perennials and bulbs for his Happiness collection to bring some joy to gardening. When we asked what he loved most about gardening, Matt said “Gardening has always been a form of escapism for me from all the noise of daily life. A place where I can be fully present surrounded by plants and nature – It's fair to say that my garden is my happy place”.

Matt's Happiness collection hosts a selection of the most colourful blooms for the summer garden, proving that happiness can be found in nature.

Georgia Lindsay’s Statement Collection

Statement Collection

After spending the first 10 years of her life in South Africa, Georgia feels a strong connection to the exotic flora and fauna that she knew and loved in her childhood. This Statement Collection is certainly a homage to that experience, providing you with some of the hardiest exotic summer plants currently on the market.

Lee Burkhill’s Low Maintenance Collection

Low Maintenance Collection

Multi-award-winning garden designer Lee Burkhill is a magician when it comes to troubleshooting people’s garden design problems. That’s why he wanted his low maintenance collection to produce blooms and plants that can be grown by both novices and experienced gardeners, needing very little maintenance throughout the year.

His selection of herbaceous perennials and evergreen plants will help to brighten up even the darkest of gardens all year round, regardless of whether they're planted in containers or flower bed.

Like the sound of our designer garden collections? Find out more about our designer range on our website.