Mother’s Day Flowers Gifted Around the World

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a bouquet of mother's day flowers

Mother’s Day is one of the most important days on our calendar, celebrated by millions around the world. In the UK, mothering Sunday is on the fourth Sunday of lent, where we spend time and give thanks to our mums for bringing us into the world and appreciate everything they do!

This year will be the first Mother’s Day where a lot of us will be unable to spend time with our mums, so gifts and cards will be sent in truck fulls! Mother’s day flowers are also considered an essential gift, not only in the UK but around the world! If you’re struggling for inspiration, here’s some of the most popular blooms gifted to mothers in other countries.

mother's day flowers in Japan


After WW2, the Japanese would gift flowers to mothers who had lost sons in the war. Red carnations were often the bloom of choice, and are still given to mothers today.

Mother's day flowers in Thailand


In Thailand, mother’s day is celebrated on August 12th, which is the birthday of their monarch Queen Sirikit and who is often regarded as the mother of their country. Jasmine is gifted to mothers on this day as a symbol of purity and unconditional love.

Mother's day flowers in China


In China, flowers are gifted on Mother’s Day more than any other day of the year. Traditionally, mother’s day was created as a way to help those who were struggling, and today they gift bouquets of carnations to celebrate.

Mother's day flowers gifted in Canada


Finally, our friends across the pond will often gift all kinds of flowers to their mum’s on Mother’s Day. However, it is said that roses, carnations, lilies and many more are given as gifts on the day.

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