New Year’s Resolutions for the Garden

As we say goodbye to another lovely year, it’s time for us to welcome a fresh start and look towards a great year ahead. New Year’s Resolutions are a fantastic opportunity to try something new, and where better to make a positive change than in the garden? Below we have compiled some tips and ideas on how you can maximise your garden this year.

Start a compost heap







Generating your own compost is a fantastic (and free!) way to make an impact on your garden, as well as reducing your contribution to landfill. Spreading the finished compost into flowerbeds greatly improves soil quality by helping it it to retain moisture, suppress weeds, boost plant growth, and reduce the need to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

You can put so much into your compost. Waste such as fruit and veg peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds, teabags, garden waste, used paper napkins/towels, unwaxed cardboard and paper (ripped into small pieces), most food waste, toothpicks, even hair!

Start growing your own vegetables







Contrary to popular belief, a large garden with lots of space is not essential to successfully growing your own fruit and veg. Dependant on the variety, many fruits, vegetables and herbs can be grown in beds, borders, containers, or pots. Meaning that even the smallest of spaces has the potential to yield a bumper crop!

The benefits to growing your own fruit and vegetables are in abundance; home grown is fresher, it tastes better, it contains no chemicals, saves you money, and reduces single-use plastic packaging so is much better for the environment. Not to mention how rewarding the results are.

Check out our wonderfully wide selection of fruit and vegetable plants here.

Encourage wildlife into your garden

Encouraging wildlife into your garden is really rewarding and truly brings it to life. It positively impacts the livelihood of certain species and is incredibly beneficial to your garden; reducing the spread of weeds, pollinating your plants, and keeping garden pests such as slugs under control.

Grow Wildflowers

Bees and butterflies are drawn to wildflowers, and are a great way to attract wildlife into your garden. Our Buddleia weyeriana ‘Sungold’ is a particular favourite of butterflies.

Click here to view online.


Create a Water Feature or Pond

If you have space for a pond this will diversify your garden ecosystem and allow you to keep fish and frogs as well as attracting beautiful insects like dragonflies. If not, a small water feature will help to attract different creatures.


 Hang a Bird Feeder

A bird feeder filled with unsalted peanuts, fat balls, or seed mixes are ideal for attracting a range of bird species. Alongside this it’s a good idea to have a bird bath of some kind to provide your feathered visitors with a water source for drinking and washing.

fill your 2020 garden with hanging baskets

The easiest way to add something new to your garden this year is with one of our Premium Pre-Planted Hanging Baskets! We have various styles and colours to choose from, and there is something to suit every garden. Our premium 14 inch diameter Rattan baskets are pre-planted with the highest quality UK-grown summer plants and delivered nursery-fresh direct to your door. Simply hang them securely in their chosen location, water, and they’re ready to go.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And if you only manage to have one resolution this year, make it to find a little more time to enjoy your garden!

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for the Garden”

  1. Every year we have a cake/coffee and plant day in May the proceeds of which go to Dementia 1st. We do not sell them, we ask our friends to come have a coffee, cake, take away some plants and if they choose to, leave a donation. We have been very successful over the years and used plug plants some of which, we bought from you. Is there any concession you could make us? We need a large variety of plugs! I trust you don’t mind my asking but as they say if you don’t ask you don’t get! Kind regards. PAUL IN FOX

  2. Have three compost bins,used to be four. As a professional head gardener,sadly retired now, I had to cut back. Still have an allotment where I grow black currants and some veg.I
    Enjoy your programmes. You go back a long way. Was it 1930when you started????

  3. That’s a ll lovely, I have all those things and mean to try even more vegetables this year . I keep a small space for vegetables but plenty of room to grow most things and I have two large potato grow bags and a trough on an old bench where the grandchildren grow lettuces

  4. Have been purchasing your plants for quite a while now and have been more than happy, my summer garden has gained many compliments, I enjoy your growing blogs and hints that come with your emails,I don’t have a vast garden but enjoy what I have, thanks jparkes&co

    1. My garden is Bird friendly with all sorts of food for the birds, I also have water in places around the garden n a robins nest placed in the ivy, I’m fond of nature and do my best to encourage it I get much pleasure.

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