Sustainable Garden Plants to Grow

Posted by Amber Williams on 18th Apr 2023

Sustainable Garden Plants to Grow

The push to garden sustainably has definitely increased over the last few years, and it actually wouldn't be that drastic of a change to your seasonal routine.

If you're after advice on the best sustainable plants to grow, then you're in the right place. Here are our favourite ways of growing sustainably, while also staying true to your displays (and not having to spend an arm or a leg, either!). 

Plant Marigolds

Marigolds are great for planting in any display. Not only do they look amazing and vibrant, but they can also ward off greenflies, blackflies, and other aphids. This is due to the secretion of limonene that Marigolds release, warding off unwanted pests with vigour. 

Marigolds are also a great trap crop, particularly for snails/slugs. Plant them in areas you don't want to be ravaged by these ironically fast workers, especially around the edge of an allotment. They'll attract pests, keeping your crops nice and safe. 

Plant Carrots & Leeks Together

This pairing will ensure a successful crop. Leeks help ward off carrot flies, and carrots can ward off leek moths. An unlikely duo that works together to protect each other from pesky pests. 

Concentrate on Pea Family Plants

Particularly if you're looking to enrich the soil they're planted in. Plants like lupins, peas, and beans take nitrogen from the air, sucking it in and storing it in their roots which in turn, benefits the surrounding soil. It's a win-win, as they give you an impressive garden display. 

Plant Native Blooms for a Successful Display

Growing native plants like dandelions, buttercups, and ox-eye daisies shouldn't be underestimated! Their ability to withstand the unpredictable British climate is second to none, giving you a colourful flower bed for months on end. 
They also won't need as much water to maintain them, as they're used to our climate - perfect if you're looking to save on water consumption this year!

Grow a Dry-Loving Garden

Drought-tolerant plants are perfectly sustainable, allowing you to reap all the rewards of a garden with little to none of the disadvantages. Sun-loving plants need less water during long periods of drought, helping you to save water throughout summer. Here are a few of our favourite drought-tolerant plants:

- Grasses like Pennisetum (specifically Pennisetum rubrum and Pennisetum alopecuroides)

Grow a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Pollinators need help to do their job, and our gardens give them what they need to thrive - that is if we fill our gardens with the best plants to give them a helping hand! Planting nectar-rich flowers obviously gives them a helping hand, and provides you with a bustling display to enjoy. It's another win-win in our eyes. Here are a few blooms that pollinators will flock to: 

- Lavender
- Verbena
Echinacea (coneflowers)

Plant a Tree or Two

To round off this list, we suggest planting a tree in your gardens. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and recycle it into oxygen, giving you a fresh dose of the air you breathe. Impressive, right?

Don't worry about not having enough space. There's a tree for every garden, regardless of size. We have large trees, sure, but we also have compact picks for the tiniest yards which can be grown in pots. They'll also introduce more colour, and give birds and critters a home during nesting season. What's not to love?!