Top Plants for an Evergreen Garden

Posted by Shannen Godwin on 17th Jun 2021

Top Plants for an Evergreen Garden

A green flower bed

Providing foliage all-year-round, evergreen garden plants are perfect for adding colour, structure and height to any outdoor space. Get inspired to create your own green oasis with this amazing selection of evergreen garden plants, shrubs and climbers.


Green hebe with purple flowers in a container

Hebe is an easily noticeable, brilliantly colourful, decorative evergreen. Each plant has a unique colour scheme, which can be appreciated when grown on their own or in groups throughout a border. Their tiny leaves will even attract pollinators to the garden from late spring to the end of summer.

We highly recommend varieties like Hebe Heartbreaker and Hebe Goldrush for your year-round display.


Not all clematis varieties are evergreen, but the ones that are well worth the search. Always double-check your desired clematis, if an evergreen trait is what you're after. Clematis plants are gorgeous climbers, and we love to see your pictures of them trailing up a trellis, hanging off a pergola, or decorating an arbour,

Evergreen clematis picks like Clematis armandii and Clematis cirrhosa Freckles are our favourites for year-round interest.


Silver festuca glauca in a flower bed

There's a wide range of evergreen grasses on the market for you to explore. Whether you’re after an addition to your beds, containers, or even a rockery, there’ll be a plant for you to grow.

We always recommend varieties like Festuca Glauca or Carex ‘Frosted Curls’ for a non-stop display. However, you can find even more evergreen grasses on our website.


A Californian Lilac always has its place in an evergreen garden. Typically, their flowers are a deep purple/blue, but they could also be white or pink (depending on the variety). Their leaves are left once the flowers have finished blooming, contributing long-lasting colour to your display from autumn to spring, before their flowers come back in full force.

Give Ceanothus Puget Blue, or even Ceanothus Concha Blue, a go for a splash of everlasting colour in your garden.


A mass of white magnolia flowers on a tree

Or more specifically, Magnolia grandiflora. This is a gorgeous evergreen that we never get sick of seeing in the garden throughout the year. Their large glossy leaves take centre stage once their creamy white blooms die back. Although it’s a slow grower, taking its time to reach full height, it’s worth the wait.

You can shop Magnolia grandiflora on our website.


You might relate holly plants to Christmas, but they are a year-round plant that you’ll love in the garden. Also known as Ilex, these truly unique plants produce their signature spiky leaves all year round. Many even produce blooms in late spring/summer. A versatile option for your border!

We’re loving varieties like Ilex Argentea Marginata and Holly Blue Angel right now. You can also shop our full range of holly here.  

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