Where to plant fragrant flowers

Last Updated on 25/03/2021 by Esther Roberts

Fragrant flowers are best suited to the most optimal placement for the full garden experience. All flowers are beautiful, but not all of them have a strong enough fragrance that can transform your garden from not just looking gorgeous, but smelling gorgeous too!

Fragrant walkways

Walkways are a great place to plant your fragrant flowers. Their position on the ground lining the walkway will allow the breeze to gently lift the scent from the flowers. It will fill the air as you follow the path, leaving a beautiful scent in the air . A great plant to make your walkways fragrant is Lavender. With tall stems it will not only make your walkway more defined but the foliage will add some density to your garden. When all the stems come together they will fill the air with the sweet fragrance.

Aromatic hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are a great feature for any garden. They can help turn your uneventful walls into something beautiful! As they’re positioned above the ground the fragrance from the baskets will immediately fill the surrounding area with the scent, making each breath that little bit more sweeter. A favourite for hanging baskets is Petunia Tumbelina Priscilla, a highly scented plant with long trails. Our double flowering variety, blooms in abundance throughout the summer months ensuring that your garden stays fragrant for longer.

Scented statement piece

The cherry on top of your beautifully scented garden: a statement piece. The biggest and most beautiful of the bunch, a statement piece in the garden is sure to grab all of the attention. Which is why choosing the right plant is important! Wherever this plant is positioned it will have people coming back for more of its sweet scent. The plant Dianthus Doris seems to be made for this spot. Ideal for pots and containers, Dianthus Doris produces a beautiful pink bloom which continues to flower from June right up to October. It is sure to provide colour in your garden for many months each year.

Great smelling flowers only add to the fun of gardening. It’s nice to have flowers that look good. But when you have flowers that also smell good it creates a whole new atmosphere in your garden. Whether you’re weeding, watering or just admiring your hard work, you’ll be able to take a deep breath and smell what you have successfully cultivated.

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