Hardy Young Plants


Here Jeff shows us how to plant on young Potentilla plants with great advice and tips in this video planting guide.

Aster and Helianthemum

Jeff Turner shares his expertise in this video planting guide as he demonstrates how to plant up Aster and Helianthemum young plants.

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

This video guide to how to plant Buddleia offers great advice and tips from our expert Jeff Turner.

Dwarf Veronica and Sedum

Jeff is back in the shed to demonstrate how to plant on young Dwarf Veronica and Sedum plants.

Hardy Geranium and Monarda

Jeff plants Hardy Geranium and Monarda in this demonstration on how to grow on young plants video.

Japanese Anemone and Helenium

Here Jeff demonstrates how to grow Anemome and Helenium from young plants in this video.

Garvinea (Hardy Gerbera)

Jeff demonstrates how to plant up our Hardy Garvinea plugs into pots for growing on.