Miscellaneous Bulbs

Fritillaria Meleagris

In this how-to video planting guide, Jeff talks us through how to plant these popular Fritillaria bulbs in your garden for a unique Spring display.

Spring Flowering Iris Reticulata

Jeff talks us through how-to plant Spring Flowering Iris Reticulata, with great tips and advice on how to achieve a breath-taking show with these bulbs.


In this video Jeff Turner demonstrates how-to plant Snowdrop bulbs into pots for advice on achieving a great early addition to your garden.


Jeff plants Ranunculus corms in pots for a display of brilliantly coloured flowers in this how-to advice video.


Plant expert Jeff Turner plants hardy Cyclamen in a damp, shady border location offering great advice and tips.


In this video, Jeff Turner offers advice on planting Muscari bulbs, demonstrating this through planting these great bulbs in a trough around winter bedding plants.