Choose the Best Hydrangeas for Your Garden

If you’re looking to grow a garden filled with beauty, you can never go wrong with Hydrangeas. Long-flowering and easy to grow, these billowy blooms come in an assortment of colours, shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any garden.

Keep reading to discover which Hydrangeas are perfect for your garden with our Hydrangea garden guide.

Hydrangeas for compact gardens:

A small space doesn't mean you can't enjoy beautiful Hydrangeas. Whether you have a small town garden or just a balcony to work with, there are many prolific blooming Hydrangeas for the tightest of spaces.

One of our favourite compact varieties is Hydrangea paniculata ‘Confetti; a gorgeous white flowering shrub with sweet scented flowers that look spectacular in pots on the patio, terrace or balcony. Looking for some bold colour? Our Hydrangea ‘Blue Boogie Woogie’ blooms with showstopping vibrant blue flowers, and make a great display in patio pots. They also make stunning cut flowers too!

Hydrangeas for large gardens:

Need to create a privacy screen or cover unsightly bare fences? Our Paniculata Hydrangeas and climbing Hydrangeas are the perfect choice.

Award-winning, pollinator-friendly and fast growing, our Hydrangea petiolaris does it all. This climbing Hydrangea showcases classic white flowers and is the perfect shrub for growing up walls, fences or around pergolas. If you’re looking for a touch of elegance, our colour-changing Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanilla Fraise produces white/raspberry pink cone-shaped flowers that transform to a red shade in the autumn.

Hydrangeas for sunny spots:

If you're looking for a Hydrangea that can handle the heat, Hydrangea Paniculata shrubs can soak up the sun all day and they are the hardiest type of Hydrangeas on the market.

Renowned for it’s reliable performance, Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ is a champion in the summer sun and produces gorgeous cone-shaped flowers in a stunning lime-green shade. Perfect for sunny spots in the border or in patio pots.

Hydrangeas for shaded spots:

While most varieties grow beautifully in partial shade, here are our favourite Hydrangeas for brightening up those dull shaded spots in the garden.

Hydrangea¬†macrophyllas, commonly known as ‘Big Leaf¬†Hydrangeas‘ are ideal for shady spots. Our Hydrangea ‘Lady in Red’ is adored for it’s pink, lace-cap flowers and dense foliage, and makes a stunning addition to a shaded border. If you’re looking for something for pots, our Hydrangea ‘Music Deep Purple Dance’ is the one for you. Boasting velvety purple flowers in large clusters, ‘Music Deep Purple Dance’ is ideal for adding rich colour to pots and containers.

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