How to Plant Anemones

Posted by Amber Williams on 23rd Sep 2021

How to Plant Anemones

Creating an effortless woodland-inspired garden has never been easier. Anemones are perfect for any garden theme and design, adding a wholesome touch to your seasonal displays.

Not only are they a gorgeous bloom, but they’re also incredibly easy to plant. If you’re after something low-maintenance, then the humble anemone should be on your shopping list! With some varieties flowering in early spring and others in summer, there’s an anemone to suit everyone.

If you’re after some easy to digest tips on how to plant anemones, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get gardening!

When to Plant Anemones

The type of Anemone will determine when you should be planting it. For spring-flowering varieties like anemone nemerosa and anemone blanda, you should try and get them in the ground around September and October.

Anemone japonica can be planted any time from May to September, flowering in the autumn months. Anemone coronaria, however, flowers in many months depending on when you plant it. To see it appear in summer, plant it in spring. For autumn, plant it in early summer, and for spring plant them in autumn.

How to Plant Anemones

You can get Anemones in every which way you can imagine, from anemone bulbs to loose roots. The way you prepare them and plant them will obviously differ depending on what you’ve bought.

For bulbs and corms, dig a hole that’s around 8cm deep and spaced 8cm apart. If planting in containers, leave around 10cm space from the edge of the pot.

Modules are the easiest way to plant anemones. Simply ease them from their container and plant them in the desired area!

For loose roots or rhizomes, soak them in water for about 2-3 hours before planting. This helps them to grow, flowering much quicker than if you planted them dry. Plant them flat about 2cm deep and 8cm apart.

If you’re looking to grow anemones for spring, add some mulch atop the soil to add some extra warmth through the cold winter months. However, anemone coronaria doesn’t do well in extremely cold weather and that may result in them struggling to bloom in the spring months, so this should be taken into account before planting.

Where to Plant Anemones

Wood type Anemones can be planted anywhere in the garden, as long as they’re covered with leaf mould to emulate the conditions found in the woods. They can be planted in containers too. Anemone blanda especially likes good drainage, so a container is a good choice for their variety.

Anemone coronaria can be planted in light shade or full sun, as they prefer sunny conditions. Blanda and nemerosa don’t mind the shade as much, as that’s what they get in a woodland area. Plant your anemones in beds, containers, and borders, but just keep these points in mind when choosing your spot!