Is It Time to Give Your Garden a Spring Clean?

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spring gardening

As spring approaches and frosts begin to clear, you start to notice the carnage that winter had on your garden. When the weather slowly but surely gets warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to get our tools out, put our gloves on, and get to work.

If your garden is in desperate need of a spring clean, these jobs will help you to get your ducks in a row before the season officially begins.

Inspect Your Flower Beds

raking leaves in the garden

If you’ve left your annual plants, then chances are that they’re looking a bit worse for wear by the time spring arrives. It’s time to dig them up and throw them into the compost! This is also the perfect time to inspect your beds, pull up any weeds, and give your flower beds an all-round tidy.

Prune, Prune, & Prune Some More

pruning branches

Winter zaps life out of our beautiful plants, leaving your garden feeling bare and a bit sad. In our spring clean, we can make a big difference to our gardens appearance by giving our perennials and evergreens a bit of a trim and cutting back any long and unnecessary branches. Take time to inspect all your woody bushes, shrubs, perennials and grasses so that you feel the full effect!

Clean Up Your Edges

spring cleaning the flower beds

Mulch is like the golden grail of soil additives. It helps your soil to retain water, nourishes your plants, provides nutrients, and goes as far as cooling down the roots on warmer days. This might be a step you wait to do until late March once the weather warms up, as it’s best to add mulch when the soil dries up a bit.

And finally, before planting your annual summer plants and blooms, give your flower beds that extra edge (pun intended) by edging the grass and trimming the line between your flower bed and your lawn. Not only does it give it a clean and crisp effect, but it will add that perfect final flourish to end your spring clean.

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