Must Have Garden Tools for Beginners

Posted by Amber Williams on 19th Apr 2022

Must Have Garden Tools for Beginners

You've got your plants, you've got your planters... but now what? 

Well, first things first - you won't be getting very far without a reliable set of tools! Unless you were planning on digging the dirt with your hands? We didn't think so. 

Here's our list of must-have garden tools for beginners that will help you kick-start your summer garden. 


Gloves are a staple for gardening. A necessity even, especially when doing some pruning on roses that are notoriously prickly. A decent set of gloves needn't set you back either, as you can get a good set from any supermarket or garden centre. 


A good sharp set of secateurs to be exact. A blunt pair will get you nowhere, as they say... (they don't really say that, I just made it up). But nonetheless, a sharp pair of secateurs is certainly a must, as they allow you to cut and prune here and there without damaging the plant or its stem. 

Watering Can

Flowers need water, and a watering can is a must for carrying out the daily chore of giving your plants a good drizzle throughout the summer. Although a watering can is a watering can is a watering can, we suggest buying one that has a rose (the attachment with little holes).

A basic spout releases the water quite quickly, and some flowers are fairly delicate, leading to some casualties. A watering can rose sprinkles the water gently, which is better for those sensitive Sally's. 


A gardening hand fork that is, not a table fork (badum tishhh). A great tool for breaking up large lumps of soil, digging up flower beds, and retrieving old bulbs and plants gently. The gardening world is rife with different forks, but any fork really will do.

That being said, test out the grip as some will have wooden handles and some with soft grip rubber. If you struggle with gripping tools, we suggest a soft grip rubber handle, as wooden ones can sometimes become uncomfortable when working with them for a while. 

Hand Spade

Along with your garden fork, a good handheld spade wouldn't go amiss to complete the duo. Spades are perfect for filling a pot with soil, patting soil down, digging up weeds and the like. Similar to a garden fork, test out different handles if you prefer a specific type of grip. 

Forks and spades are also available in big sizes, allowing you to dig up large volumes of soil or big plants with deep roots. If you have a small patio garden, save yourself the money. But if your garden is large enough, especially when starting from scratch, these large-sized tools will help in spades. 

Bulb Planter

After a handy tool to make an easy job even easier? Bulb planters are just the thing you need. This simple and easy to use tool allows you to shift a divot of soil quickly, making the bulb planting process accurate and fast. 

You can buy bulb planters from any local garden centre or online website that sells garden tools! 

Now you have your tool shopping list, it's time to get gardening! Need plant inspiration? Explore our selection of summer-flowering bulbs & tubers, evergreen shrubs, and perfect perennial plants that will keep your garden looking fresh and fabulous all season long.