What to Harvest in October

Posted by Amber Williams on 11th Oct 2021

What to Harvest in October

Growing your own crops can feel like a long, and sometimes fruitless, process. Finally, you can reap the rewards from your months of labour! October has arrived, and with it brings the appearance of many fruits and vegetables.

Here’s what to harvest in October, whether it be in the garden or allotment.


If successful, you can harvest carrots from as early as May, carrying through to December.


October is the best time to harvest apples. This is when they’ll be at their juiciest! Eat them soon after picking, or use them in recipes for desserts!

Potatoes (Main Crop)

Main crop potatoes can be harvested from August through to October, so grab them out of the ground this month to use them in all your favourite dishes!


And who can forget the quintessential crop of the autumn months? Pumpkins will be ready to harvest through October, leaving you to fulfill your carving and baking needs!

More to Harvest This Month

  • Runner Beans
  • Pears
  • Beetroot
  • Squashes