When to Plant Iris Bulbs

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There are hundreds of Iris species, and each is quite different from the next. However, bulbous Iris flowers should all be handled in a similar way to see positive results.
Growing iris bulbs can be easy and is a great way for any budding gardener to practice their bulb planting skills.
Coming in a lovely range of colours and variations like vibrant oranges and stunning pinks, it’s easy to see why they’re a gardener’s favourite.

Whether you are planting your irises in borders, flowerbeds or containers, the bulbs should be planted in a specific time frame. If planted correctly, you will be able to enjoy our irises from early spring all the way through to summer! Learn all about when to plant your Iris bulbs in this blog.

When to Plant

Depending on the species, your bulbs will flower from February to March or May to June.
For example, if you have our Iris Reticulata Pixie or Alida, the bulbs should be planted mid-autumn to see them flower in early Springtime.

However, if you have our Iris Dutch Blue Pearl or Bronze Perfection, then you should plant them late autumn so that they flower in the summer.
If planted correctly and looked after properly, your iris will last you years rather than one season.

Where to Plant Iris Bulbs

Like all iris plants, bulb variations still require a lot of sunlight to grow efficiently. With that in mind, ensure you plant your iris bulbs in well-drained soil that is in an optimum position to catch a lot of rays.

You can plant your irises in borders, containers, or pots. They can even be developed in a greenhouse to then become a houseplant. Irises can also be cut for bouquets, which will not affect the growth of your plant later.

How to Plant your Bulbs

As soon as you receive your iris bulbs iris bulbs in the post, try to plant as soon as possible. For optimum growth, find a sunny spot where the soil is well-drained.
When planting, try to dig a hole around 15cm deep. This can encourage your bulbs to reflower the following year. Space each bulb 5-7cm apart.

Irises are low maintenance flowers, so caring for your plants will be a minimal job. Just make sure that the soil they are being planted in is well-drained and is in the path of sunlight.

Here’s Some of Our Favourite Irises for 2021

Iris Reticulata Alida
Iris Reticulata Pixie
Iris Reticulata Natascha

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