How to Store Daffodil Bulbs

Posted by Amber Williams on 10th May 2024

How to Store Daffodil Bulbs

If you're new to growing daffodils or feel like your display is getting out of hand, then you may be wondering how you store daffodil bulbs and if you even can. Is it worth it? Why would you need to? 

All these questions will be answered below by our gardening experts! 

What to do with Daffodils after they finish flowering

Daffodils are easy to grow, and even easier to care for. Most varieties will naturalise with ease, meaning they multiply when in the ground. This will provide you with a bigger display year after year. So, you might be wondering, why bother moving them then?

It’s a good question, and in most cases, you won’t really need to. That is unless you’re worried about your ground being too soggy, too dry, or concerned you’ll accidentally dig them up when planting your next season’s plants. Thankfully, daffodils aren't overly fussy and can be moved after flowering! 

After they have finished flowering, allow them to die back completely, especially the leaves. This allows the plant to soak up all the nutrients it can before it goes dormant. Once their leaves have completely dried up, it’s time to lift and store them.

How to store Daffodils

Storing your daffodils is important business, as it will decide whether they last till autumn when it’s time to plant them out again. First, gently lift the bulbs from the soil, making sure not to damage them. Shake off any excess soil, and leave them somewhere cool and shady while they dry out. It’s important to let them dry out first before storing them, as they can rot.

Once your bulbs are dry, put them in a paper or mesh bag, or even in a cardboard egg carton, which will ensure they have appropriate ventilation. Store them somewhere dry and shaded until it’s time to plant them in autumn.

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